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Thanks to a professional yacht charter in Masuria, we offer you and unforgettable adventure. You will have a chance to see what the real Masuria is like. Everybody who has been here at least once knows its amazing atmosphere and exceptional charm. Masuria is hard to compare to any other place in the world. It…

…is due to many factors and it is even hard do describe some of them with words.

Undoubtedly the vast forests, hilly terrain, huge number of lakes and breath-taking landscapes create the image of Masuria in the minds of Polish people. Masuria is also famous for its attractions that guarantee you an active recreation.

The leading role among the organizers of active holidays goes to yacht charter in Masuria. Thanks to the yacht charters you can rent a yacht tailored to your taste, preferences, capabilities and shape. You can find here yachts for both experienced sailors, who have been sailing in Masuria for many years now, and yachts for the laymen who may need help on boat. We can offer you also this kind of help - because yacht charter is also about people. Our efficient and experienced staff will help you with handling the yacht, will give you advice and teach you. Thanks to them you will learn what are the rules on the boat and on the water. And they have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

We offer you a wide range of yachts, even for those most demanding, because we also have houseboats in our offer. These are apartments on water. They are the highest quality luxury boats that will allow you to fully enjoy the charms of Masuria without worrying about the comfort. This is definitely an option for those who especially appreciate comfort and luxury but at the same time don't want to miss the adventure. On the other hand for those who are not afraid of sleeping in bunks below the deck and spending time together on a deck, we offer a standard yacht charter. Our sailing yachts are mainly grouped in two most popular and prestigious locations in Masuria. One of them is of course the sailing capital of Poland - Gizycko, situated between Kisajno and Niegocin lakes. The second location is Mikolajki, a charming town situated at the biggest lake in Poland - Sniardwy. Yacht charter Gizycko and yacht charter Mikolajki offer you a wide variety of boats and a professional service, that include advice and assistance. We also offer yacht charter on sea and in other parts of Poland.

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