Last Minute!

1 - 5001 PLN

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Taking interest in our Last Minute yachts will bring you many benefits. Mainly this is undoubtedly the price. If you rent a boat none to soon maybe you don't have the widest choice of yachts anymore but you will definitely pay much less than those who rented the yacht earlier.

Another advantage is the very…

…possibility of spending your holiday this way. When planning holidays at the very last minute we usually choose from among not the best hotel offers or campsites. Masuria Last Minute Charter is a new possibility that will let you spend your time off with your closest friends and family in an unforgettable and active way - on a boat sightseeing Masuria from the best angle.

Last minute is a guarantee of an incredible adventure with your loved ones. offers you high quality yachts and boats on which you can sail through the great lakes of picturesque Masuria. So if you love freedom more than anything, this Last Minute offer is made for you!