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Houseboat, as the name suggests, is a house on a boat. Thanks to a houseboat charter you can charter a specific houseboat you like and travel through Masurian lakes. You can decide yourself where to go, where to moor and when to do that. Houseboats are the top quality luxurious boats, on which you will…

…rest and relax as nowhere else. And on top of that you will be having the best adventure of your life. It is the houseboat charter that offers a wide range of apartments on the water. Thanks to that you can get to know the beauty of the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes and relax during your holidays. Houseboat is a perfect solution for those who appreciate convenience and comfort, don’t want to face the harsh conditions on a sailing yacht. Houseboats are recommended especially for families with small children, for whom sailing on a traditional yacht would be too difficult and too uncomfortable. You will love our houseboats.