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Not everybody feels confident enough to steer a whole yacht by him/herself. This is a huge responsibility, especially now that the shipping law in Poland has changed. For those who want to go on a cruise but don’t want to take such responsibility we recommend chartering a yacht with a skipper. Our Masurian charter will…

…provide you not only with the best sailors who will take care of your comfort, peace and security but for the great atmosphere on the boat as well. Great advantage of chartering yacht with a skipper is a chance to learn. You can learn a lot about manoeuvring the yacht, sailing culture, rules on water and about the Masuria and its lakes as well. Our team knows best that at the beginning it is better to sail with the help of more experiences sailors. This is why we are offering you the services of the best sailors of Masuria. So if you don’t want to be a captain on the boat our offer is meant for you!